EFC II #97 – Ring {リング Ringu} (1998)

The Epic Film Challenge II
#97 – Ring {リング Ringu} (1998)
Dir. Hideo Nakata
Starring: Nanako Matsushima, Hiroyuki Sanada, Rikiya Ōtaka, Yoichi Numata, Rie Inō

The ninety-seventh installment of the Epic Film Challenge II, Hideo Nakata’s adaptation of a mystery-horror novel that draws from a Japanese folk tale, which sparked many sequels and American remakes, Ring.

Recorded in October 2016.

Is it a film you must see before you die?

Connie: No, I highly recommend it, but not a must see.

Luke: No, I really, really enjoyed it, but it’s not quite a film you have to see before you die.