EFC II #93 – Nosferatu, A Symphony of Horror (1922)

The Epic Film Challenge II
#93 – Nosferatu, A Symphony of Horror {Nosferatu, Eine Symphonie Des Grauens} (1922)
Dir. F. W. Murnau
Starring: Max Schreck, Alexander Granach, Gustav von Wangenheim, Greta Schroder, Georg H. Schnell, Ruth Landschoff, John Gottowt, Gustav Borz

The ninety-third installment of the Epic Film Challenge II, Christopher Lee’s first time stepping the shoes of the legendary character that would define his career as much as it did Bela Lugosi, Hammer Horror’s version of: Dracula.

Recorded in October 2016.

Is it a film you must see before you die?

Luke: Yes, it’s a horror classic and an incredibly well put together film for its time, even if I find it a little hard to be engaged with completely.