EFC II #75 – Dumbo (1941)

The Epic Film Challenge II
#75 – Dumbo (1941)
Dir. Ben Sharpsteen
Starring: Edward Brophy, Herman Bing, Margaret Wright, Sterling Holloway, Verna Felton, Cliff Edwards

The seventy-fifth installment of the Epic Film Challenge II, the film that turned everything around for Walt Disney in the 40s, the simple yet spirited tale of a young circus elephant outcast by his abnormally large ears, Dumbo.

Recorded in September 2016.

Oscar Wins: Best Musical Score (Frank Churchill, Oliver Wallace)

Is it a film you must see before you die?

Connie: Yes, because it’s a Disney film.

Luke: Yes, it’s really grown on me, and is a wonderful film full of heart and spirit.